Buch - Promise & Fulfillment (engl.)

formulas for real bread without gluten
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PROMISE & FULFILLMENT - formulas for real bread without gluten Chris Stafferton Promise &... mehr

PROMISE & FULFILLMENT - formulas for real bread without gluten
Chris Stafferton

Promise & Fulfillment is about making good bread without gluten. That’s bread with flavour, taste and texture from fresh, natural ingredients prepared in time-honoured ways. It’s about understanding and working with ingredients, to reveal their potential. It may be quick rolls or naturally fermented panettone, challah, brioche, and croissants.

Promise & Fulfillment provides 58 original formulas for real bread made without gluten as well as 2 original formulas for soda bread following the same methods. Bread formulas are grouped into sections for:
·        basic bread,
·        baguettes,
·        flatbread,
·        seeded bread,
·        fruit bread,
·        rolls, 
·        crispbreads,
·        soda bread,
·        enriched bread, and 
·        viennoiserie.

As well as the original bread formulas over 45 pages of guidance for preparing bread without gluten, including sections about:
·        the bread-making process,
·        preparing sourdough starters with only flour and water, 
·        techniques for preparing and using an original, and innovative gluten-free form of lievito madre to make panettone, challah, brioche, pizza and croissants, 
·        preparing malt flours and powders, and
·        milling gluten-free seeds for ‘wholegrain’ flours. 

Additional resources include:
·        a Free-From chart to assist in identifying possible allergens, as well as allergy friendly bread formulas,
·        a Key Ingredients Summary to assist in finding bread formulas based on particular flours, and
·        troubleshooting guides. 

Promise & Fulfillment will gently guide those with no baking experience and the novice gluten-free baker, as well as challenging and extending the experienced baker.  

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