Wolfgang Mock, Inventor of The Mockmill®

With a playful apology for his thick German accent, Wolfgang Mock will tell you how,

“It all started with a loaf of bread.”

On his 29th birthday in 1975 his friend Peter arrived at his door cradling a still-warm sourdough loaf. “What a lousy gift!” the now Grandfather good-naturedly jokes today.

Yet as he sat with his friend and cut into the loaf’s crackly, glistening crust, Wolfgang says nothing could have prepared him for what came next.

“The bold taste, the earthy flavors, the sheer
mouth-popping freshness of it all,
I’d never experienced anything remotely like it.”

Spellbound, Wolfgang wondered what kind of complex baking wizardry was at work. Yet Peter heaped all the praise on Mother Nature herself.

A Special Ingredient…

Making his gift unforgettably personal, Peter had taken the road less travelled to Wolfgang’s tastebuds.

A road—fast becoming more trafficked by the day—that leaves the supermarket baking aisle in the rear view mirror and accelerates you right to the source of the chief ingredient in your mixing bowl.

Because to ensure Wolfgang’s lovingly prepared birthday gift would be blessed with the ultimate flavor advantage, Peter had reached back in time and rekindled the wisdom of the ages…

…purchasing wheat kernels from a small family farm, then milling those pristine grains in his own home…

…and giving Wolfgang a mind-expanding welcome to the superior taste of freshly-milled organic whole-grain flour!

Entranced by the new, delicately sweet and distinctively nutty notes he was experiencing for the very first time… he could only say to himself…

“Farm-Fresh Flour,
Where Have You Been All My Life?”

When that little loaf of bread rocked Wolfgang’s world… it found a willing man to lead the way to a fresh flour renaissance…

Sparked alive to the delicious flavor fresh flour infuses into baked goods, Wolfgang tried using a “crank mill” to grind his own fresh flour for his and his wife Elfriede’s home baking. Yet 5-hours to mill the flour one Christmas for a batch of fruitcakes for friends felt like a little much!

He even bought a “hands free” mill but was frustrated that it blew hot flour from the mill spout, damaging his flour and creating a mess to clean.

Wolfgang began to see the need for a mill that would solve his milling problems in one fell swoop. And that would bring the clear health benefits of fresh, whole grain flour back into people’s lives. Indeed, “a mill in every home” became his guiding mantra.

Otzberg-Lengfeld, Germany. Home of
Wolfgang's Mill-Making Workshop

Today, decades later, from his mill making workshop in the quiet German village of Otzberg-Lengfeld, near Frankfurt, he and his engineering team have consistently stoked the fires of the growing demand for freshly-milled flour. Designing, engineering, and manufacturing two of the world’s best known and well-regarded home-scale stone mill lines, HaWo’s and KoMo.

And now, The Mockmill®: The affordable countertop stone mill Wolfgang has always wanted to bring to the world. So everyone can quickly and easily access the extra flavor, taste and nutrition of true, farm-to-table, freshly-milled flour.

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The Mockmill® 100

The countertop stone grain mill that transports you back to simpler times, when food was a trusted source of joy, togetherness and peace of mind.

6-Year Warranty & Free Shipping.

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Product Summary

Compact. Won’t crowd a countertop. Stores easily.

Healthy. Create healthy whole wheat and gluten-free foods from all grains, including wheat, dried legumes, chickpeas, quinoa, plus dry herbs and spices… and much more!

Fineness. Foolproof flour fineness-adjustment. Mills extremely fine pastry-flour through to cracked grains for oatmeal and muesli.

Speedy. Mills 100g (3.5oz) of flour per minute with push button simplicity.

Ease. Self-cleaning. No-mess, flour delivery spout. Easy-on-the-ears rumble. Intuitive tool-free disassembly.

Unique. Harder-than-granite, near-diamond, “star sculpted” corundum-ceramic mill stones; larger than many home-scale millstones.

Runs Cool. Unique “elevated airflow” design keep the motor cool and lets you mill to your heart’s delight without worrying about overheating.

Earth-friendly. Renewable, durable housing made from 98% natural fibers. 100% biodegradable, 100% non-toxic, 100% sustainable, 100% BPA-free and FDA food grade certified.

Plus, 2 digital guides to make life easy: The Mockmill® Farm Directory & Grain Milling Guide, and The Mockmill® Recipe Guide.

Free Shipping: Yes

Warranty: 6 years

Fast Milling: 100 grams per minute

Milling Grades: 30 Distinct Grades, Pastry-Fine to Coarse

Power: 110 volts (standard US voltage), 360 watts

Stone Material: Near-Diamond “Star Sculpted” Corundum Ceramic Stones

Grain Guide: Yes

Recipe Guide: Yes

Casing: Renewable Arboblend Housing

German Engineered: Yes

Easy to clean: Yes

Compact: Yes

Endless Baking Possibilities: Yes

Mills Over 50 Different Grains - Gluten-Free And Wheat: Yes

Push-Button Ease: Yes

Runs Cool: Yes

Countertop Footprint: 6” x 6”

Hopper Capacity: 1.100 g / USA 2 lbs 7 oz (Wheat)

Stone Speed: 1300 RPM

Weight: 6 kg / USA: 13lbs 3.5oz

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